Magic of Tidying

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Three women, at shared workstation, we were catching up, with life, one student, one journalist  each at different stages of life,  while we were in conversation a fourth woman joined us, interestingly our narratives were all similar, during the conversation, the fourth girl…shared a book with us, “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying.” By Marie Kondo, I did something which I do not normally do I ordered it on Amazon.

The book was definitely an eye opener, it is also quite a challenge because during my self recovery I have been a steadfast follower of the flylady the first thing Marie tells us do it one shot. What I really liked about the book, is she takes us step by step starting with the clothes,

The book walks us through the journey of Marie Kondo to being the tidying expert, she then tells us the challenge she faced in tidying up, and challenges faced by the clients through her enterprise and it does not seem to vary very much.

Then she holds our hands through the need to discard.

The sorting of things into categories, then sorting those to be kept and those to be thrown, finally storing efficiently.

She talks about ironing which kind of vibed wonderfully with me, for I love to iron and stack my clothes. Lot of things she shares in the book makes sense. Letting  go is a major need of life, but what really got me was do it one time, at stretch after which only maintained is required.

Major take away for me

  • Each day empty your purse, and thank the purse for helping you through the day.
  • Put your footwear in the designated place and thank it for serving you through the day.
  • When we buy something that we later find redundant then discard it after thanking it, for teaching you that it was not needed in your place, and thanking it for the pleasure you got in buying it.
  • Before you buy one, make sure your discard one.
  • If you have a gift that you don’t like you might just be the keeper for it to reach the right destination

I now actually understand the oriental concept of reverence, it just means, take that breathe to thank the universe for whatever resource you have used. The resource could manifest in our space like a handbag, shoe a bottle of water or what ever. Including thanking the house for sheltering you.

Guess what I have done, I have given myself a couple of days off, at the end of the year to do just that de-clutter and tidy my house. I am also sharing a video of Marie and her folding technique.