Car Racing, Romance and Fantasy

Car Racing, Romance and Fantasy

Last #CelebrateBlogging BlogAdda sent me a book that titled “horseshoe Garage,” if I am not mistaken it was almost an year ago.

The author was Hitesha, usually there is a curiosity about the blurb, if that’s interesting enough then one wonders about the author. Well coming to the cover,

A chocolate brown with Horse shoe Garage written and a “O” is modified to a horseshoe. Okay though a triffle cliché it was acceptable.

The blurb says though he has gotten used to his salary and his job at grant motors, sarvesh still finds himself waking up in the middle of the night, his heart pounding with excitement ofa Neo-racing dream. The technologically advanced car and the smell of burnt rubber of the tyres haunt him all the time. And the rest.

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EFT suggestion — cars are beautiful.

The book promises a the thrill of neo-car racing and the murky world behind it. the author is either genuinely confused or does not care if she is delivering a coropate sleaze or car-racing thrill. Yet what she lands up dishing a tepid MillsandBoons order of romance instead of the tall dark handsome stranger, I think like the current “more than man woman” her heroine is the hero.

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EFT suggestion — racing can be clean fun.

The author has this too good to believed heroine who is a fourth grade schooled, drop out who works in a garge, name Naaz Latha Shiek.. who keeps the garage boys at bay. She is a self taught automobile engineer and guess what the author is lucky that the IIT’s have not sued her. because our baby Naaz builds the car with Sarvesh and Rags the IITians drolling.

Sarvesh and his friend Rags who has an impossible south Indian name that one does not really come across in the south. Rags girlfriend Kam is initially starts off as a dumb blonde but obviously dyes her hair to become the aesthetic designer of the car and eventually the PR head.

Back to the car the team of three IITians, one car-ignormous and half a dozen garage hands is lead by the wonderwoman Naaz. Their design stolen twice, second time five days before the neo-racing. Sarvesh the race driver is beaten up,yet the hero wins the race.

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EFT suggestion it takes good friends to build a team.

The romance between Sarvesh and Naaz is kept puritanical with the apparent focus being the car, and the race. Of course there is Sarvesh’s mother who plays the villain in the romance by insulting  Naaz, by throwing her school drop-out status, her being a muslim and whatever else she can throw. Also foisting a school friend’s daughter Aarti as Sarvesh’s fiancée.

Over all what the author does succeed in doing is delivering a Indian Thali which is okay, nothing that any one would in particular for a second helping.

What  really knocks me out is a book that, when you’re all done reading it, you the author that wrote was a terrific friend of yours and you could call her up on the phone whenever you felt it. well this does not happen.

What does come across is the author’s  wistful presentation of her altar ego. I can actually visualize a Tanaz Currim look alike sitting up in a tower high on the Himalayas and writing a chronicle of what would add colour to her life.

A good read for a journey back from work.

Author Hitesha

Publisher Leadstartcorp.

ISBN 978-93-82473-45-9

ps the EFT suggestions helped me carry through the book.

pps: Maybe this vindicates the author —

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Creative me…Really

Creative me…Really

My friend Padmashree just received her Amazon parcel it was a book, “Creative You” since we usually like similar books she let me peek at the blurbs, and it was quite intriguing since I had just taken the Myers-Briggs test for my Personal branding workshop!!
I had convenient Flipkart vouchers so got one for me too.
The book unfolds over three parts,
The book opened up with a line that I quite much keep saying that we are a creative and creative does not mean art and painting, creative is new thinking or thinking differently in any space. So the book became an immediate read space. The first part of the book is all about dispelling myths that surround creativity and the persona of creative person.
The question isn’t who is creative but how each person creative.
Part I is also about finding our space in the Myers-Briggs personality grid, the kind of creative preferences we may have, and the kind of temperament we have. that makes 4 components on the Y-axis and 4 components on the X-axis giving rise to the 16 creative types. Part II of the book discuss the personality types in details.
It the Part III that lets the authors down, since it suddenly takes on a wannabe self help, wannabe therapist, but I remain HR trainer mode. They are not really able to channelize the personality types into creative flows.
Authored by David.B.Goldstien and Otto Kroeger the book is an okay one time read. Had I read the book before I bought it, I would not buy it. Though if you are creatively blocked it would be a good point to unblock yourself from.
Yes Ladies and Gentlemen there are books that we buy after we read it simple because it impacts us so like the Quiet, and Eat, Pray and Love/
David B. Goldstien is Myers-Briggs type indicator certified and has spent more than six years researching the connection between creative potential and psychological types. An internationally known artist and entrepreneur, he writes blog
Otto Kroeger is a pioneer in the field of practical application of psychological types, he is also an expert in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment. He has several publication on the subject include type talk and type talk at work.

On the Images of Tagore

On the Images of Tagore

The curtain raisers for the GALF is on, this time it was an interactive session by Prof. Raman Siva Kumar. Since the gentleman was in town the VRPP lecture series by Goa university and I could not attend those lectures this was very much in my home territory so I thought let me go for it.

People trickled in the energy level in itself was kind of low.  Professor did have an interesting point of view, which brought forth with the google images, he spoke about the moods reflected and how it was very standardized, to him it was amazing that a lively man with a wit like Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore could look so serious and almost morbid.

He then went on to share pictures  of Einstein and Picasso to validate his point of view,

He did say something about Gurudev’s take on nudity, on Japanese and their comfort with their body, which was because they were closer to their natural self. Prof.Raman also spoke of Gurudev’s fascination with the dance of Java where they were comfortable with their body. The good professor claims there was wonderment. He also concludes a sort of dichotomy, between being comfortable with the body, yet negating it by being over clothed.

He did have a discussion about renunciation – clothing—Gandhi and Tagore frankly I lost in deciphering the mumblitis the dear professor suffered from. Yet one very astute observation was both Tagore and Gandhi were quite media savvy.

Somewhere along the way there was a feeling of names dropping and entering into the old boys locker room of Santiniketan of the last century.

Tagore’s impression of the proportioning of Japanese painting nature versus man, and the lack of the same in the Indian scenario.

Well my take home at the end of the day, was maybe Tagore did not smile in his photographs because he was self conscious, or because he wanted to create an image wise old man.

I wonder who has the copyright to power-points, it is terrible when people type out their speech on the power-point and read it out.

Migration,Statistics and a story.

Migration,Statistics and a story.

The Goa Book club met up after a long time. This time it was an interaction with statistician John Nazareth who is a statistician, based out Canada, he talks of the Goan Diaspora statistically, the migration to South, then Africa and now Australia and Canada.

The challenges of actually getting the numbers, he talks also talks about the methodology used, and why have the numbers at all. it was quite interesting that talk about the multi layering that eventually brings out this rich fabric called the Goan Identity.

From the seed of geography it takes on the hues of various exodus and assimilates it into the fundamental psyche He was also talking of how once this project was taken on, he comes across pockets of Goan settlement worldwide.

He shared what triggered this compilation, and how he decided to invite himself to the Goan houses so that he could connect with the community, and then eventually how people started tapping him for the demographic numbers. He shared the many layers that formed the ethnic fabric, like catholics, mangloreans, of course some how he had not reached out to the Nawyati’s of Bhatkal, or the Kochikar Goans.

To him the statistics were not just numbers, they were talking to him, telling him story of the multicultural society that he came from. It was definitely very animated and vocal discussion. I loved the inputs from AnnaMarie Goswami.. who by the way ought write her thoughts down, she is a lady I love interacting with.

The group was compact and cozy, of course most had already read Alan Machado’s slaves and sultans so the other factors of the migrant Goan in Mangalore came up.

the interaction

Mr. John Nazareth can be contacted at

Through Thick and Thin, Sick and Sin

Through Thick and Thin, Sick and Sin

Through thick and thin,  is something we used to define friendship, in one of my favourite books Lace, Shirley Conran has her character Maxine pronounce it is sick and sin, since she was French, that’s how friendship stuck in my place through thick, thin, sick and sin.

As I read the book during my teens I do not really remember much about it. there is a girl, a porn star who traces the mother who abandoned her, and out comes the tale of four girls I think between wars, so the changing role of women, attitudes, the emerging working woman all these are part of the story some interesting .

“Bromance ” is much touted buzz word these days, somehow media does not seem to think women are capable of this kind of bonding, so many be I am one of the lucky ones… when I came down to Manipal I was the intruder, the rest of them were either born there or were definitely there before me,

My first day at the children’s play park, I was really different, I spoke pidgin, not English, and that was delivered with Tamil accent. I remember every one laughing at me, until.. one pretty girl with deep blue tights a white sleeveless top that small primroses of light and dark blue looked up, she gave me a 1000 watt mega smile, walked right up to me and asked me my name, the next thing she did has me in tears since then, ”I will be your friend” it is 46yrs now, and 20 yrs since we have lost connect, but each day, I think of her, and a prayer to her is definitely on my routine.

I remember playing in the sandpit, with our toys, be sun or rains, then as we grew up, we rode our bicycles, we went to movies and one movie was “Hattari” about the African hunt so the next month we pretended that our cycles were horses, and we lassoed pigs, and chicken that wandered into our campus screaming Hattari until someone’s mother caught us and then well lets not talk off painful events.

Finding out which mother would be out, so that we could experiment cooking, baking, make up it was all part of the growing up. When I look book we had great milestones in the journey of friendships,

Friendships grew and I do know of best friends drifting apart, and finally to quote Agatha Christie they cannot go beyond, “oh! Do you remember” stage if they meet after a decade.

Fortunately for me, my friends grew with me, we probably have the same likes, dislikes, so from hating Premalatha teacher we grew into cycling, swimming climbing trees and generally harassing our teachers in the middle school that was also the time we discovered the pleasures of cooking, and no pleasures of the whacking we got for creating kitchen disasters.

Despite of choosing various professions, the time when people tend to drift, we still stay bonded, though our conversations developed from kitchen disasters to disasters of the romantic kinds, in a while, boss became the pivot of crush either of the romantic kind or want to crush his head kind. From Pregnancy being an inconceivable  state we discussed pregnancy, picaphagia and appreciate our evaluation to the status of a referee when the second child came along.

Then came marriage, mother-in-law, her son the bonding now became strongers since friends are only safe net. When my BFF from Manipal moved to states, I was lucky in finding one in Goa, who is there for me through thick and thin, and yes, sick and sin… of course she does tell me that “Buddy in my precinct this is sin, but you make the rules in yours.”

Kids are grown, it’s the empty nest, our conversations now are arthritis, retirement, old age homes and “do you remember?”lace

I am lucky, I have had friends who refused to walk in front of me, for they didn’t want me to follow them, neither did they walk behind me, lest that I lead them, they always walk beside me, through thick and thin, sick and sin.

Just sharing a clipping of my oldest BFF Dr.Jyotsna Mirlay.

This has been written for

Banned book week

Banned book week

Loss of words is not just figure of speech it is a frighteningly dangerous pathology. it was the secret weapon of the intelligentsia, the clergy and the power hungry to oppress. Banning books is just another form of bullying. It is all about fear and an assumption of power. The key is to address the fear and deny the power.

Books are dangerous, they have to be, they contain ideas, no, rather feed an dormant idea seed with supernova energy that in turn could empower and an empowered soul is definitely not subservient.  Every book has something that offends, after the freedom of expression includes the freedom to acknowledge that you are offended, or to offend the other. Without the freedom to offend  it ceases to exist.DSCN8018

The idea of Banned Books week celebrates the freedom to read, it draws attention to banned and challenged books. It talks of people persecuted for their writing, and is held on the last week of September.

The banned book week was founded in 1982 by the library activist Judith King,  the association of American publishers with the idea of bring to the attention of the American public the slain books, and six weeks later the first banned books week was celebrated.

The Wednesday of the banned book weeks is the Banned Website Awareness Day.

Amnesty international also celebrates Banned books week by directing attention to individuals persecuted because of the books that they produce, circulate or read. Banning of books creates silence instead of speech, and speech is essential. Banning of books makes us shut out noises and stops us from seeing visions we see. Think about this the first man to translate bible to English was burnt at the stakes, this has been happening time and again, whatever the reason for it, yet it is right back on the shelf, to become a best-seller.

Here is sharing a quote from John..F.Kennedy   “If this nation is to be wise as well as strong, if we are to achieve our destiny, then we need more new ideas for more wise men reading more good books in more public libraries. These libraries should be open to all—except the censor. We must know all the facts and hear all the alternatives and listen to all the criticisms. Let us welcome controversial books and controversial authors. For the Bill of Rights is the guardian of our security as well as our liberty.

[Response to questionnaire in Saturday Review, October 29 1960]
― John F. Kennedy

Reading for is visit a home they have left behind, for some it is an escape from the surrounding they are in, books, uplift weary souls, energize the tired minds…sooths an aching heart, kindles hope for the future, and provides an respite when all escapes are sealed. They are ultimate dumpees, keep them down and there are there for you whenever want to pick them up.

Then there are those books that fill us with the strange almost evangelical zeal, and convince us that the prescription to put the shattered world together is to get all humans to read it.

“A word to the unwise.bookworm
Torch every book.
Char every page.
Burn every word to ash.
Ideas are incombustible.
And therein lies your real fear.”
― Ellen Hopkins

There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them.”
― Joseph Brodsky