On a quest with Swati Chopra

These are musings that have emerged when I read Swati Chopra’s book Women Awakened.

As she notes when she talks about Nirmala Devi divine grace works in mysterious ways, a Guru can only guide you or direct you but the path is for you to tread. Many people would probably consider being a woman, specially a career woman a hindrance to spiritual growth and compromise on either of  roles  but being the mother itself is the path.

Somewhere if one is a Guru in addition to being a mother the Guru takes on the role of being the nurturing mother too.

It’s sad that contemporary life style is trying to eliminate femininity and make the woman more masculine. Nature is such that it is not despite of being a woman but it is because of being a woman.

other links to other musings on Swati Chopra’s book.    http://www.squidoo.com/a-quest


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