“Om aim hring cling dum”

Shakti recited this mantra every morning before day break 108 times. He could feel every air space within him go into resonance, he felt totally invincible. 

He realized that ever since he started this chant and the treatment at the Prakriti hospital he was really recovering. He also realized that he had developed a strange ability to get his way with others.

When Dr.Devguru had first broached the subject of ultrasound he thought it was routine modern medicine, then he realized it was more, Devguru told him that Vaikhiri was the only sound perceivable to man, but he was talking in terms of Para, Pashyanti and madhyama the non audible sounds which could create-energize and destroy. Dr.Devguru called it his BrahmaVishnu-Rudra.

“Ha! Tarak, welcome” smiled Dr.Devguru, as Shakti had responded well to the higher sounds Dr.Devguru had nicknamed his

“Hello doctor, I feel great, bu.t.”


“I feel dissatisfied, as if I am not achieving my potential. Twice I have been hauled for anger issues.”

“Give me two days I’ll find a solution for this.”

It was almost midnight, when Devguru sat down he was pouring over the books that had taught him the great science of nada Brahma. His guru had told him,

“Rcham vacham parpadye,Mano yajuh prapadye,Sama pranam prapadye, Chakshu shrotram prapadye.

Rig veda leads to perfection through words, Yajurveda develops the mind,Sama makes us fully develop our life energies and atharva gives us methods of perfection of our body and senses like sight and hearing.

It is only when you are able to understand all four paths will be empowered.”

Devguru had applied his vedic insight to develop new therapeutic options. Sound or nada brahma was his latest path. But he knew that the component of Samaveda was beyond him. Now Tarak had become a nuisance post therapy and somewhere he felt responsible for this.

“So, now what?”

“Dev, the aggression has been caused by the sound waves. It creates heat, violence you have to control that. The next stage will be sexual aggression.”

“I can see signs of that too.”


“Sachi, my assistant.”

“But my knowledge is not good enough.”

“There is one person who can help you.”

“Appaji Prajapati

Devguru drove along the Ganga, to meet Prajapati who was a recluse but people from research medicine came to see him. Prajapati had minced words. But he had referred him to another expert.

“Since we are dealing with emotional imbalance here, I think you should speak to Dr.Shivanand. who is psychiatrist, who works the area of Bhava Yoga and sound healing.”

“The solution to this is soothe the beast “said Dr.Shivanand.

“You mean’

“You cannot withdraw the sound waves without creating a reserve; your patient will have a relapse. What you can do, is give him an additive, do it under supervision and if he responds then you can carry on alternatively slowly withdraw the sound therapy. You can use the sound of the same frequency as the spring time at the pitch of the parrot; he of course won’t be able to tolerate heat so he will have to be kept in cool environment.”

Six months of supervised sound Tarak waves were controlled.

“Thank You Dr.Shivanand”

Shivanand raised a toast to” antidote- Karthik”


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