My friend Padmashree just received her Amazon parcel it was a book, “Creative You” since we usually like similar books she let me peek at the blurbs, and it was quite intriguing since I had just taken the Myers-Briggs test for my Personal branding workshop!!
I had convenient Flipkart vouchers so got one for me too.
The book unfolds over three parts,
The book opened up with a line that I quite much keep saying that we are a creative and creative does not mean art and painting, creative is new thinking or thinking differently in any space. So the book became an immediate read space. The first part of the book is all about dispelling myths that surround creativity and the persona of creative person.
The question isn’t who is creative but how each person creative.
Part I is also about finding our space in the Myers-Briggs personality grid, the kind of creative preferences we may have, and the kind of temperament we have. that makes 4 components on the Y-axis and 4 components on the X-axis giving rise to the 16 creative types. Part II of the book discuss the personality types in details.
It the Part III that lets the authors down, since it suddenly takes on a wannabe self help, wannabe therapist, but I remain HR trainer mode. They are not really able to channelize the personality types into creative flows.
Authored by David.B.Goldstien and Otto Kroeger the book is an okay one time read. Had I read the book before I bought it, I would not buy it. Though if you are creatively blocked it would be a good point to unblock yourself from.
Yes Ladies and Gentlemen there are books that we buy after we read it simple because it impacts us so like the Quiet, and Eat, Pray and Love/
David B. Goldstien is Myers-Briggs type indicator certified and has spent more than six years researching the connection between creative potential and psychological types. An internationally known artist and entrepreneur, he writes blog
Otto Kroeger is a pioneer in the field of practical application of psychological types, he is also an expert in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment. He has several publication on the subject include type talk and type talk at work.


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