The curtain raisers for the GALF is on, this time it was an interactive session by Prof. Raman Siva Kumar. Since the gentleman was in town the VRPP lecture series by Goa university and I could not attend those lectures this was very much in my home territory so I thought let me go for it.

People trickled in the energy level in itself was kind of low.  Professor did have an interesting point of view, which brought forth with the google images, he spoke about the moods reflected and how it was very standardized, to him it was amazing that a lively man with a wit like Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore could look so serious and almost morbid.

He then went on to share pictures  of Einstein and Picasso to validate his point of view,

He did say something about Gurudev’s take on nudity, on Japanese and their comfort with their body, which was because they were closer to their natural self. Prof.Raman also spoke of Gurudev’s fascination with the dance of Java where they were comfortable with their body. The good professor claims there was wonderment. He also concludes a sort of dichotomy, between being comfortable with the body, yet negating it by being over clothed.

He did have a discussion about renunciation – clothing—Gandhi and Tagore frankly I lost in deciphering the mumblitis the dear professor suffered from. Yet one very astute observation was both Tagore and Gandhi were quite media savvy.

Somewhere along the way there was a feeling of names dropping and entering into the old boys locker room of Santiniketan of the last century.

Tagore’s impression of the proportioning of Japanese painting nature versus man, and the lack of the same in the Indian scenario.

Well my take home at the end of the day, was maybe Tagore did not smile in his photographs because he was self conscious, or because he wanted to create an image wise old man.

I wonder who has the copyright to power-points, it is terrible when people type out their speech on the power-point and read it out.


2 thoughts on “On the Images of Tagore

    1. Precisely it, which is why that morbid look pictures are surprising, the last one where he is sitting with shoulders drooped of course was taken when he just lost a dear friend I think he died 45 days later.

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