The Goa Book club met up after a long time. This time it was an interaction with statistician John Nazareth who is a statistician, based out Canada, he talks of the Goan Diaspora statistically, the migration to South, then Africa and now Australia and Canada.

The challenges of actually getting the numbers, he talks also talks about the methodology used, and why have the numbers at all. it was quite interesting that talk about the multi layering that eventually brings out this rich fabric called the Goan Identity.

From the seed of geography it takes on the hues of various exodus and assimilates it into the fundamental psyche He was also talking of how once this project was taken on, he comes across pockets of Goan settlement worldwide.

He shared what triggered this compilation, and how he decided to invite himself to the Goan houses so that he could connect with the community, and then eventually how people started tapping him for the demographic numbers. He shared the many layers that formed the ethnic fabric, like catholics, mangloreans, of course some how he had not reached out to the Nawyati’s of Bhatkal, or the Kochikar Goans.

To him the statistics were not just numbers, they were talking to him, telling him story of the multicultural society that he came from. It was definitely very animated and vocal discussion. I loved the inputs from AnnaMarie Goswami.. who by the way ought write her thoughts down, she is a lady I love interacting with.

The group was compact and cozy, of course most had already read Alan Machado’s slaves and sultans so the other factors of the migrant Goan in Mangalore came up.

the interaction

Mr. John Nazareth can be contacted at


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