GALF 2015 was vibrant, with lot of kids taking part, there were kids book releases.

It is almost end of September but GALF 2016 event has not yet debuted while 2014, and 2015 we had ongoing book events through the year, it is a no show as yet.

With Astri and Jugneeta

It only almost a month ago that the first official event of GALF 2016 took place with Astri Ghosh’s book on the Grantha Sahib.

Though I am not a Sikh, the first ever spiritually oriented book I read was the Japji, rendered in English, it was given to me by my father I was twelve then. The book used to be with me until it got battered beyond redemption. The year my father passed away I had a Langar in his name, at the Gurudwara in Vasco, it was an amazing experience.

So the combination of GALF, Gurubani  and Jugneeta Sudan as moderator is definitely a place to be in. Astri Ghosh is a familiar stranger as she is a GALF regular.

The book Guru Nanak The Thinker and The poet—the book  is edited by Astri Ghosh she walks us through the story of Guru Nanak Dev, each episode leading to a relevant hymn. The hymns are translated to English. The book brings to us the extraordinary life of Guru Nanak Dev and most important sayings and beliefs. From his stead fast pursuit of truth and equality and his love for all, the book inspires us to maybe contemplate walking the Guru’s path.

Astri being a skilled translator shared her thought process in choosing the particular hymns that she used. She then discussed challenges of the actual translation having to preserve the content and flavour of the original yet render an appealing translation.

The simple language without being condescending I felt would appeal to the young reader whose intellect is respected without over burdening with bombastic and complex language. I have picked three copies one author signed for my nieces and nephews.

The book travels the time line a chronology of Guru Nanak Dev’s life, it has a section of Japji Sahib and a fun how much do you about Guru Nanak Quiz.

The book is published by Hachette India, and is presented as a sleek book with a inviting green over and the soothing image of Guru Nanak Dev.

Anuradha Goyal ( joins us.

Thus the GALF 2016 is sighted.


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