Game of Blogs at Blogadda, published by Leadstart Publishing.

This was an interesting experiment by BlogAdda, I was supposed to participate as a blogger but procrastination pervaded.

Lets come to the six Degrees the game of Blogs, like a said is an experiment by Blogadda, six stock characters were given,

Shekhar Dutta a work from home writer.

Tara Dutta his wife, who has a corporate job.

Roohi Dutta the couple’s nine year old daughter.

Cyrus Daruwalla a Law student from Delhi.

Jenifer Joseph a photo-journalist from Kerala.

Arya Ahuja a neighbour.

Can you imagine300 odd people, working as 30 different teams and creating stories round these characters. The rule was a blog a day, the teams, had discuss, plan,  connect and coordinate. Yes the team that I was to be part off, did not make, poor guys I handicapped them.

This was then judged by Ashwin Sanghi, Kiran Manral, Meghana pant, Natasha Badhwar, Raksha Bharadia, and Ravi Subramanian.

The first team to present their version was, Team By Lines, with the title The Awakening. Their story on a science fiction fantasy plane, I could not connect to the narration, I actually put the book away for two days.

Two days later I read The Entangled Lives which was really good, I was rather disappointed that they stopped where did, I hope someday Team Potliwale Baba you will give us a full novel, tying the loose ends just as intriguingly as you did it here, the suspense maintained right to the end, each character given their fair share of importance. Additional charecters like Naina, and inspector Jawa added without distracting anyone.

The story revolved round the murder of Naina the domestic help of Shekhar a work from  home dad, and his corporate journalist wife Tara. The murder is discovered by their daughter nine year old daughter Roohi, Cyrus who rescues Roohi from a scrap, and Jennifer who was stalking Tara for a Photo-shoot assignment are also on the suspect list. Then there is wheel chair bound Arya Ahuja who gets his thrill peeking into the neighbours windows.  There is a guest appearance by Rohini IForgetWho, who happens to be Roohi’s school counsellor.

The bloggers lulled us to “caught you” only to jerk the rug. The sinister poetry added to the flavour. The team definitely gave us a peek into what they could create with more words, the use of dialogues, and narration was comfortable.

The domestic help slipping into multiple roles within the family, the career focused parent slowly loosing connect with family, the home bound parent developing resentment that could manifest as caustic comments, and yes, I did empathize with what anyone working from home has to put up with, ”But  you are not answerable to anybody, so your time schedule is juggle-able.”

Finally Missing –A journey within, by team Tete-A- Ten was okay, the story focused on Cyrus, with the Dutta family being relegated as back drop. The introduction of Sneha Phadnis and her intriguing connect with Arya Ahuja.

Cyrus a law student goes missing, his partner Fanus Mistry, and doctor Sneha Phadnis go looking for him, as he says he is going to Bombay the mayanagari. The story is rather lost, and does not keep the promise it makes in foreword, yet is does flow charmingly. The characters are saccharined of course twice in the book the murkier side of human nature peeks, but it is quickly sterilized. The story is dominated by Sneha Phadnis, and Fanus Mistry with Cyrus becoming the muse.

What was interesting for me was the way three teams presented the characters.

Shekhar Dutta came across as a lanky nerd in the first two, while in the third, i would cast Anoop Johnson from Indiblogger as Shekhar Dutta. Tara Dutta emerged as a idealist in the first, hard and focused executive in the second and insipid and whinny in the third.

Cyrus, I could not picture him in the first, in the second I would visualize a curly haired, again Anoop Johnson look alike, while in the third was imagining a stocky bespectacled, owlish young man.

Jennifer in the first well I could not visualize, in the third she was too miniscule for me to bother with a visual while in the entangled lives she reminded me of travel writer Yana, from Terrascope.

It was great to see how each team wove a different story, different genre. As for why six degrees, my take, it is double the pain of a third degree to plan, coordinate and execute a project that involves 300 bloggers, into 30 teams and keep to a timeline.

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