Placid Romance.

book reviewYOU RAISE ME UP  Arjun Hemmady published by, Genre, Fiction. ISBN

the book blurb sounded quite interesting, when the book did arrive it  we burst out giggling at the cover page… no …offence meant but something about it triggered the “athi nahi ” spoof on Sanjay Kapoor.

The book is about relationships, I would not call it a romance. Somewhere I get the impression that the author has stood on the banks of a river, looked into the river bed and captured the illuminations it threw up.

When I started off reading, it was a bit jarring to read, about catching a plane, I belong the generation that either boards a plane or catches a flight. Planes are not caught unless they are made of paper and floated in the classrooms.

The story opens on a flight where a Aalok Sharma.. Who I presume is a Konkani or at least Konkani speaking lands with  a Priyanka Mehra as a co-passenger. If someone like Priyanka Mehra came into my space I would run, and if I even had a whiff that my either of my daughters behaved like her I would disown them, anyway Priyanka Mehra a verbose stranger crashes into Aalok’s house and life.

The book then goes into a flash back, where Aalok was involved with Tanvi Rao who marries. Tanvi Rao is the daughter of an alcoholic, and she takes to alcohol to deal with her issues, I cannot remember if she smoked too.

Aalok has a twin, fraternal, I am blank about her name too, she is married to doctor Sheetal.

The interesting part of this narrative the gender switch, women are aggressive, Isha a kick-box champion, and Priyanaka into wrestling. The parents are faded wallpapers, of the dysfunctional variety.

The girl Priyanka  goes full throttle without bothering to know if the male she is hunting is married, divorced or gay. The hero actually tells her that he might continue to love his estranged and later divorced wife Tanvi more, than he loves her and he wanted a divorce because he could deal with the alcoholism.

At point I thought the story would gain some depth or some flavour when Tanvi’s dad throws her affair with Aalok on her face.  But that was a sparkle that was snuffed out. It could have been a point to take the story to another level.

The toll of alcoholism takes on life is very very nascent it could have been explored a bit more.

The book also touches on work life taking a toll on personal life, that track is also killed before it could breathe. I really appreciated the economy of the characters presented. The timeline however is not very convincing. What I liked the most about the book was that the characters moved on in life without going into backlash of a broken relationship.

The book is refreshing in the sense there are no engineers or multinational companies, over all a placid read perfect for the Metro ride and a book crossing.

About the author:           Arjun Hemmady debuts with the novel. He is  charted account by training and works in a manufacturing company, he is the alumnus of St.Mary’s ICSE Mazgaon, and RA Poddar College of Commerce and Economics.

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