The Talwar story

Book review of Aarushi By Avirook Sen

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a non-fiction by Avirook Sen.  published by  Penguin Books India with 978-0-143-421421-4.

Mr.Sen tracks the sordid details of Aarushi’s murder. The book is laid out well,  opening with character list, followed by time lines.

The book is definitely not light reading, the 300 pages book packs in too much of information that one tends to get lost in the maze of the information.

Thankfully Mr.Sen does not go into too many theatricals nor is he inclined to romanticize things.

aarushi 2
Avirook Sen

In space, the book tended to distract me, by references to other cases and judgements on one hand. On the other he brings out the peer presence of Delhi teenagers, the gawky attempts of teenagers to break the cocoon.

Though Mr.Sen walks the readers through the goof ups of the investigation bodies he is not able actually give us evidence or probable evidence of the guilt of Krishna and the other help.

The movie Rahasyam, starring Ashsih Vidyarthi ,Tisca Chopra  and Kay Kay Menon seem to be heavily inspired by the facts presented in this book.

aarushi 3
the Invertis University Bareilly

The interesting part of the book was the presentation of Mr.K.K.Gautam who discovered the body of Hemaraj, altered testimony in 2010 from the one given in 2008 turned the entire tide.  the author succeeds in giving an impression that the institute run Mr.K.K.Gautam  the Invertis Institute at Bareilly owes itself to this changed testimony.

the apparently snobbish persona of Nupur Talwar and their journey from comfortable midclass respectable family to the impoverished prison life has been brought out very subtly.

The book is very well researched, and would work as a good source material for researchers.  An excellent book to fall back on if one wanted to write Whodunits. The legal procedures, the investigative procedures the blotch ups, are well documented. Despite the fact that the author deliver a judgement, he definitely  tells the Talwar story and one does feel that they have not received justice.

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