A Reality Show and Whodunit

A whodunit reality show.

Laurie Moran, a television producer is into the second season of her series under suspicion a reality drama based on unsolved crime. In the first series the case was solved on the show with the help of the expert criminal lawyer Alex.

This season Laurie has the Cinderella murder, the murder of a promising sophomore at ULCA, who college student. The characters include a grieving mother who relocates to cope with loss of her daughter and husband. Laurie herself is dealing with the loss of her Husband who was shot though the Lawyer Alex does provide a romantic interlude.

The old suspects Susan Dempsey’s boyfriend Keith Rattner and a Frank Parker producer who she had a date with Frank is there of course.  Of her two roommates Madison Meyer is of course a suspect, but the story unravels various obvious leads that were hitherto unexplored. The passive character of Nicole Hunter the other roommate. A New Age religious movement called the Advocates of God, Keith being a very involved person in the movement. Its head Martins who is a paedophile.

Dwight Cook the Silicon Valley wonder who is social awkward, but a brilliant brain, he was in love with Susan and is looking for closures, Professor Raymond Hathaway the crush-worthy professor of ULCA Susan’s guide.

Lydia Levitt the nosy neighbour of Susan’s mother Rosemary Dempsey gets killed just for being nosy.

Jerry the crew assistant on the verge of becoming a partner who gets coshed.

Talia Parker the wife of Frank Parker who actually hands the crew the key to solving the murder.

The book is quite interesting and does entice you read along.

What I liked in the book, was the easy bonding between Laurie’s son Timmy and father Leo. The structure of family, the dilemma’s of a single parent that Laurie faces, and her father Leo helping her out by stepping in. The quirky assistance Grace. The father daughter bonding between Leo and Laurie.

The authors have kept the language simple yet elegant; somehow the book comes across as neat. The kind of book I would take on train travel, the print being comfort enough for a good read.

The book is co authored by Mary Higgins Clark http://www.maryhigginsclark.com  and Alafair Burke  http://alafairburke.com

Published by Simon and Schuster http://www.simonandschuster.com

Genre fiction thriller

ISBN 978-1-47133-848-5

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