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Book Review –The Best seller she wrote.

The subaltern question through the book is who the author of the events unfolding is.

Aditya Kapoor, from the IIM-B glitterati, his wife belongs to the same cesspool, like his best friend. When Aditya returns to the Pavilion of IIM-B as a celebrity, in comes the queen of Brat brigade Shreya  she is  The Girl From Chhattisgarh.(wonder if I can buy it on flipkart) The endemic trait of all IIM’s that is success at any cost, if you are not first you are last, traits are seen in all the characters except Aditya Kapoor’s wife Maya.

Shreya enters the sedate organized life of Aditya,she then manipulate him to make a bestselling author out of her.The book about events that form the price and redemption of this act.

The book is quite evenly paced and enjoyable. Reading the book, allowed me to relax and recuperate without insulting my intelligence.

Sanskrit authors had a tradition of honouring their rivals and colleagues. Looks like Ravi Subramanian is on the same trip.  When he refers to Sanjay’s reading habits, he talks of the stack of Ashwin Sanghi’s books, including the latest one which he penned in collaboration with James Patterson.

I do not know how many of you are familiar with Anil Goel who wrote Exit Point…somewhere Aditya Kapoor reminded me of him, very grounded and sure that he wanted to keep his career so that he could write in all authenticity.

Another interesting observation is on Shreya’s reading to escape. Which happens so often that we have a huge population of intellectual giants who are emotional dwarfs.

The characterization and presentation of the environment was so familiar that I want to Google Mr.Subramanian’s personal page. Somewhere I wondered if it was autobiographical,

There are of course patches were the author was rather inept … like the gut wrenching pain, the vulnerability that Maya goes through when she realizes that her husband is cheating. To a certain extent he has managed to give a frozen feeling effect but without the punch. Since the story is not about Maya’s grief i guess we let it go.

There are few real life people doing a cameo,

  • Author acknowledges himself as a successful author-banker in a situation where he has his protagonist, Aditya on stage with Amish and him the common denominator being all were successful bankers who were also successful authors.
  • The introduction of Anurag Kashyap, the celebrity status. The book is up for being made into a movie.
  • Nirav Sanghvi of BlogAdda is another real life individual who visits the book.

If I were to date the books, then I would use the trending topics incorporated in the book to fix it, like the book by Wendy Dongnier, break out of Eboli epidemic and the fear caused by it.

As the story unfolds and the protagonist begins to lose his shining armour he does a U-turn bringing forth his IIM-trained strategic brain to convert a lemon handed to him into lemonade.

The only part of the book that I would edit out is the scene where Maya and Aditya reunite, the graphic description is as pukey as a Karan Johar movie.

Before concluding the book where every good character is rewarded and the troublemakers are marginalized, Ravi does an Agatha Christie, he has all his key characters assembled and he weaves the loose ends and the lost threads to redeem him from a mess pool that he created.

Over all an excellent read. This goes on my comfort reading shelf.

ISBN 978-93-851552-382

Genre fiction

Publisher Westland publisher —

Author Ravi Subramanian. About the author–

Please note this book was sent as a complimentary copy by BlogAdda for reviewing.



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