Mapping cultures through food.

GALF 2015 (3)
GALF 2015

It is GALF again, and I am looking up my favourite authors. Kaveri Ponappa is an all time favourite. I just love the elegance of the woman. I also like her wonderful insight into things. So I stumbled into the session. And with Kaveri was another speaker.

The session was casual and interactive. I shall go into the nitty gritty of Kaveri’s session on discovering food as an cultural identity another time, there were parents who complained about the children not wanting to eat the traditional food of the family but wanted to eat the food of the place they grew up in, now there was this middle aged woman who shared the dais with Kaveri  who made an interesting observation, which was, comfort food is usually home food, from the grandmothers kitchen more than the mother’s kitchen. but children tend to reflect their everyday environment in their general eating.

That was Naomi Duguid, writer, traveller and photographer. Next day it was the release of her book, Rivers Of Flavour, the book she put together travelling through Burma, the recipes listed and shared are the everyday home cooked one. she has put the food into focus, through stories, recipes, and photographs.

She is quite sure that her book is about Burma and not Mynamar, for Burma is the entire ethnic population while Mynamar talks of a part of that ethinicity that is now encroaching and invading the small cultural and ethnic group.

Getting a visa to Burma was definitely a challenge she was not really very sure how many times she could make it. so she planned her travel to the inaccessible territory initially and then came to mainland tourist Burma. With rapid Urbanization, she has really been able to document the quiet traditional life of Burma remains recorded her book Burma Rivers of Flavour.

The book has recipes classified as soups, salads, main course etc. and the stories woven along with it. the transit cuisine of the mustard oil on one hand is  very peanut oil, or mustard and the use of crushed peanut which is more often thai cooking.The use of various souring agents is pretty interesting. Its been a pleasure to interact with her. looking forward to Naomi’s next book in the 2016 GALF

Twitter : @naomiduguid



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