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image courtesy internet

Gratitude a way of life,

Author: Louise.L.Hay and friends.

Genre:  self help/inspirational

ISBN:   978-81-905655-6-1

Publishers Hay house India.

The book is an anthology on various inspirational authors on gratitude. Each author essentially shares the same opinion that is acknowledging the gifts that we have received from the universe. saying grace at the dinner table is something that I could gel with.

Some of the authors have shared personal anecdotes and others have shared ways to rendering thanks.

The book begins with a note from Louise Hay and fifty inspirational, spiritual or self help authors join her in the endeavour.

A great book for people who are beginning to start their journey on self healing.

some of the contributing authors being — Doreen Virtue,Sri Daya Mata,Dr.Wayne Dyer

In my own journey each day I read one author and found a corresponding happening in my life, I then thanked the universe for it.

About Louise Hay..


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