Life goes on and on.. tra..lalala goes on.

tubluStory of Tublu

ISBN 98-93-82536-75-8

Genre –Fiction–Coming of age

Synopsis – devastating floods, bring Bipin and his son Tublu to Calcutta and the life of Sharma’s. The book documents the growing relationship and bond between Sharma’s and Bipin, their children paplda, Maina and Tubulu,  the growing ache and pains of Maina and Tublu, Maina’s interim affair with Ikram, then her marriage to Sanjay, and eventual widowhood to remarrying Tublu who had a crush on her.

Tublu would have had challenges moving from Assam to Calcutta then Calcutta to Bangalore those conflicts are referred to but not shared. Bipin Tublu’s father is totally sidelined, after all for man who came seeking refuge, to have his son become an engineer and buy his own flat would be a matter of pride.

The subtle distancing from his roots with his Paternal family at Assam is well brought out.

The book runs the course of placid river, the turbulence is trapped inside.  The author has not really tapped into his story telling skill or the potential of the story. There were some very clichéd    metaphors used like “elegant smile of Swati” a humble suitor looking up to the trophy he can never have.

There moments like leaving the hostel to get into the real world that could have worked into a dynamic scene but was left to create a gentle ripple on the placid river. Then Mr. Sharma’s discovery of cancer, the five stages of grief could have been woven into the story well.

What reduced the joy of the beautiful narration to me, as a reader, was the author bullying me into conclusions by delivering judgements on the actions of his characters and situation.

Over all a good read, your way from work. The language is very good, wish the author could give some lessons to Chetan Bhagat and Ravindra Singh.

About the author—Jahid Aktar is a software developer by profession, be was born and brought up in Assam and resides in Bangalore with his wife Anjali and their daughter, Jia Jahid shares his memories on his blog flashbacks.


2 thoughts on “Life goes on and on.. tra..lalala goes on.

    1. 🙂 possible, there is a potential in this story the quintessential small town kids, working up their way, what I liked was there was no undue martyr instinct no huge bhashan 🙂

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