The Deafening silence.

Buy The Silent Scream from
Buy The Silent Scream from

The silent scream,

Deals with the real cases of child abuse. The names and locations have been changed to maintain the privacy of the survivors. But the stories are presented in a very matter fact way. I really appreciate the way the author has presented the cases without any dramatization or passing judgement on the predator. Neither does he gloss over the goriness of it all.

The book also shares the probable trigger, prevention, acknowledging and support that the victim needs to transcend from being a victim to a survivor. He also lists help centres. And inputs from psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors and other people working in the area.

The book is a must read for parents, teachers, counsellors, and law enforcers working children.  Since the language and presentation of the book is more in tune with kids over twelve it might be a good idea to have it published as graphic novels for kids younger.

The book particularly ensures that we acknowledge that child predators are present in all socio-economic sectors of the society and that it is more an issue of power and control.

All the same it would have been complete if the author could deal with finding closure after abuse. This is the biggest lacunae in a survivor’s psyche, particularly if the predator has moved out of the survivor’s space.

The authored by Siddhartha Garga who has debuted with the Novel In Love With Your Friendship focuses on friendship and its intricate, currently he is working on his third novel Maya dealing with the real life experience of a rape survivor. The Book is published by Rumour Book India 9788192953298

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