the.. ready reckoner of Greek gods,

Published by Penguin export, with ISBN 978-0141355207, authored by Rick Riordon. Is a fictional autobiography of an American teenager who has Poseidon the Greek god as his father, and a mortal mother?
In this autobiography Percy introduces us to his immortal family, their strengths and weaknesses. The book, is supposed to be a ready reckoner of Greek mythology and maybe supposed to tickle a few funny bones, of course it does attempt humour.
Unfortunately for the author he has created a niche for himself; the book does not achieve that notch. The humour is rather forced and wit is weak. All the same there are few interesting things that the author shares like – eating in a person’s house is like signing a contract, to maintain decorum and keep peace
The traces the origin of the word Tantalizing. From Tantalus, the greek whose eternal punishment was to stand in a pool of water beneath a fruit tree with low branches, with the fruit ever eluding his grasp and the water always receding before he could take a quick drink.
The other interesting myth he shares is the myth of Koroneis, who seeks Athena’s help when Poseidon woos her a little too hard, Athena converts her to a crow thus creating the first crow.
The Myth of menthe, the dedication of the word palladium, the gifts of Pandora,
It made a tepid read, maybe Rick Riordon should take a small break from Greek mythology.
Aimed at 9+yrs readers, the book might bore anyone over their tweens.
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2 thoughts on “the.. ready reckoner of Greek gods,

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