The Mousecharmers Charms With Words…

The Mousecharmers   Charms With Words…

Almost a month back, my neighbour popped in to give a courier that had arrived 3 days prior. It was a document a book, I was clueless as to who sent it. I knew for sure it was not the author. Since I had not ordered it either by flipkart or Amazon, I presumed that the book was sent in by the publisher, No, please thank you for your time… hope you enjoy it… not even a dry covering letter. Well, the first thing that occurred to me well, this publisher has absolutely no respect for his/her reader. That kind of puts the reader off the book. Then there was the courier guy they used who hands the parcel to my neighbour!! That the reason I trust speedpost.

Few days later I got a mail from Indiblogger asking me if the reviewing was over…honestly I was absolutely busy then, there was also this logic, if the publisher/sender could not take few minutes to put in an covering letter somewhere they neither value the author or the reader so I return the courtesy. (Well, maybe this is the last book that I will get for reviewing)

Yet when I did start reading the book it did charm me. Authored by Anuradha Goyal an innovation expert she has shared the journey of the IT-entrepreneurship. The book is kept very simple with all the technical jargon being minimum,

The introduction to the book, and how she went about collecting, curetting, comparing, correlating and finally came to conclusion is meticulously documented. She the walks her reader through the various enterprises classifying them.

She is quite candid that one question that did pop up to her was why did digital enterprise focus on metros when they could function from anywhere? She could place her finger on the ecosystem that ensures the success of a digital enterprise.

Her criteria of companies

  • Only Indian companies were considered.
  • Only first generation start ups were considered.
  • Pure B2B enterprises were considered.
  • Companies that made major online impact were considered.

In the first part, she shares the journey of flipkart, makemytrip other enterprises where the customer and the vendor are in conversation. When asked what was the single most risky decision that flipkart made that really boosted their business, it turned out to be cash on delivery, not that it was a new idea but the application was new. Makemytrip strategy of having a kiosk at malls, which boosted their sales. Since travel and touring rates are time tagged, MMT does not offer cash on delivery facility.

What caught my interest was the success story of the, I mean how did one buy fruits without handling them? Or haggling with the vendor, like Anuradha herself notes that the thrill of Indian shopping that bargaining is eliminated in the online shopping system. The customer satisfaction is dealt with by ensuring the need of the customer is addressed.

In the second part of the book she takes us through the content kings, like chaiwithlakshmi,,,,Imagebazar  here Anuradha shares an interesting observation that one of the companies actually had a folder documenting what did not work for them.

In the third part she walks us through the connectors like,,, And of course my own personal favourite

With each enterprise she has covered grounds of their inspiration, innovation, journey, challenges, trophy and future. She has also pencilled in the mobile revolution.

A book I would recommend to read across age groups, socio-economic structures and education background it could inspire the next great idea.


  • Thanks for introducing me to MMT’s route and travel planner despite using the site for two years I did not know that it existed.
  • Don’t worry; about the loss of bargaining thrill, the sites will introduced a Punjabi aunty game/app that will offer you the thrill of bargaining.

Author Anuradha Goyal

ISBN 978-8-104-00492-2

Publisher Random House.

This was a complimentary copy sent for reviewing.


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