Head and the heart’s journey through wedded bliss.


Head and the heart’s journey through wedded bliss.

Mrs. Farmer and Mr. Consultant.

Author:         D.Sampath.

Publisher       authors press

ISBN             978-81-773-789-4

Genre            humor.

D.Sampath or Durgadas Sampath has been a blogger who I loved to read, not only are thoughts interesting, the way he puts it too.  A reviewer on Goodreads put in such an interesting review of the book that I wanted to read it. Sampathji was kind enough to send me copy.

Here I was in anticipation of the books, and when the book did arrive it was like it was on an adventure of its own, the wrapping off, and the book damp. I had to air it for a week before I could even open it.

I kept the book aside for a day when I would really need pep up.

The book is journey, of Raju… and Beena their meeting they decision to get married and then the journey of their marriage.

The author has penned this autobiographical book through the adventures of Beena and her entrepreneurship. This is something the spouses of many corporate trainers would empathize.

The book presents Beena the Mrs. Farmer and her farming endeavour, and Mr. Consultant her husband Raju who wants to be supportive but his corporate skills are not really useful here.

Each story  be it the gherkins, flying chicks, cows and the milking machine, the swamiji who divines water, the vegan resort, as their marriage matures, the advent of the grandson, and Raju’s attempt at story telling. Each a complete story in itself. Cartoons by Gireesh Vengra are great.

The throw of Malayalam-Tamil and Kannada is effective.

Mr. Sampath refers to his favourite author PG.Wodehouse and characters from PG Wodehouse, but even without the reference his own innate sense of humour and language aligns itself to the Wodehouse cult. He talks of good people having a tendency to try their hands at hair brain schemes like a chicken farm in the middle of nowhere; well do I smell a closet Christie fan.

Have not enjoyed a book of this calibre and genre in long time. After Unreal Elections and Mrs.Farmer and Mr.Consultant I think there is hope for us.

D.Samapth is a blogger and walked the well worn path, infact he belongs to the generation that created the path of IIT- IIM- corporate—training and finally sharing the journey.


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