Making Her Heard.

DSCN8356With Mr. U.Venkatraj and Mrs. Mithra Venkatraj.

As part of GALF, Sadhanalaya organized an author interaction with industrialist, Entrepreneur, Painter, author U.Venkatraj Rao who has recently come out with book Warped spaces. The book is a translation of the original Kannada novel “Pachigattida paagara.” By Mithra Venkatraj.

Author Mithra Venkatraj signing a book for a reader
Author Mithra Venkatraj signing a book for a reader

The book explores the impact of a very authoritative personality, who is also insecure and slightly jealous. Through the journey of the character Madhava the book looks at the changing coastal community from pre-independence to the mid seventies.

DSCN8362It was quite interesting to note the change in clothing, names, attitude through the book it is so subtle but at the end of the journey mapped in the book there is definite change in the social pattern.

During the conversation we did discuss reaction of the characters in the warped space, like Author Venkatraj shared; aspirations were kindled without opportunities and means to achieve them that has created the great chasm of social divergence.  If we as a society had focused on education that was relevant that would be kindled ambitions and aspirations as a natural course of action. It would have not only made us strong but it would have also reduced the brain drain and the frustration in the youth.

At the GALF foyer
At the GALF foyer

As the discussions went on, we did have a debate about the emergence of Kindle books. Both Mr.Venkatraj and Madam Mithra being voracious readers, they found Kindle books very convenient, that’s when Madam Mithra made an interesting observation, she says, “When books began being written there was definite apprehension and distrust because the feeling was knowledge would get stagnated, as would the stories. As transfer of knowledge previously used the oral tradition there was scope for innovation, modification by each narrator. But books have found their space in the knowledge store, so would the electronic book.”

Books by Venkatraj Rao and Mithra Venkatraj
Books by Venkatraj Rao and Mithra Venkatraj

When asked why did you think of translating it at all, Mr.Venkatraj Rao smiled his gentle amused smile, and said, “It’s her majesty’s Voice.” He then continues, “Jokes apart, this was a social document and a story that transcended the geographic barriers. We did not want to take a chance with a random translator.” Mr.Venkatraj Rao being a prolific writer in his own right, seemed to the obvious person to do it and Mrs.Mithra Venkatraj was definitely there for brainstorming and discussion.

logo GALF About the challenges of translations like keeping the original flavour intact yet presenting it in a good language,, he was very clear that he did not really know what the text book rule was, but  what did work for him, just translating along with flow, he then gave it a rest and read the translated version as if that was the original, that became the working draft. After which he did his rewrite and editing before handing it down to Leadstart Corp.

The evening was just great with the Industrial. Entrepreneur, Artist Author Mr.U.Venkatraj Rao, and Mithra Venkatraj.

Thank you Leadstart Corp for letting them be an integral part of our festival.


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