The Techie path to Nirvana

exit point

“I link so I am.”

The eternal war between Intelligence and Emotions.

Right from Kapila Rishi’s Kapila Samhitha is the mind and emotions. Here it forms the fabric for a whodunit.

Exit point authored by Anil Goel, is a IT thriller published by Leadstartcorp and ISBN 978-93-84226-26-8

The story opens in 2004 with an Australian intelligence officer observing strange phenomenon occurring along the Australian coast. The story then turns futuristic to 2015, now that seems a little amusing considering we are on the brink 2015.

Australia- United Kingdom-America creates x-net an advanced internet program. It is one of the most popular programs for people living more in the virtual world than the real world. To the extent there is a death switch which can be activated to record your last moments.

Meg a thirteen year old x-net addict is found dead in mysterious situation. Alok a 25yr.old recluse Indian geek reaches out to Shane the investigating officer. The quest to solve the mysterious death, leads the team to Hong-Kong, London, Mumbai and back.  Then there is Mark a suspect who is such recluse that despite of being the whiz of the internet enterprise world is a ghost who walks for he lives a double life as a scavenger on the streets of Mumbai.

There is Wealthy Desai who is brought up in Silicon Valley and he draws a parallel between being brought up in a Himalayan valley where the farmer is constantly worried that the big cat would eat up the livestock.

Despite of the virtual world residents are still mundane; the author equates the residents of the virtual world to Delhites since everyone is judged by their status. To me the protagonist Alok and his chat with is soul mate in the x-net is like very animal like, like a peacock spreading its tail for the pea-hen

Intelligence gets personified into an energy that communicates, and conversation that it holds with on x-net is quite Sufi like in its presentation though not in philosophy.

There were some very interesting concepts like

— Al Qaeda being an organization that took on a life of its own to render its creators redundant.

–Being over qualified means you are dumb and stupid and develop skills that nobody wants.

— Hydrogen atoms being gregarious, not wanting to be alone, so they communicate with each other and find stability as Helium.

the book is quite interesting though tends to drag at times, once the mystery is solved there and all the main characters receive their trophy the reality of and the reality of exit point is revealed, the books takes a deep unreadable plunge into the vague murky waters that is the geeky version of hippie culture. Mind you it covers the span of good 50 pages which I found unreadable.

Good read for people who are into social media, whodunits, and technology.

I wonder if the author realize how much of traditional Indian philosophy he has used, and that he has stuck to the Sherlock, Watson format.

leadstartAbout The Author—Anil Goel is a Mumbai raised, IT personal who wrote 2.0 the first IT thriller of India. To him the computer is the panacea for all challenges and he uses it as the fabric to tailor his tales. He has earned the moniker of Prophet Of Doom by Deccan Herald and can be reached at

The book was a complimentary copy from Lead Start Publication for reviewing.


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