Might -O-Logy… Greeks, Romans and Egyptian.

heroes of olympus

Another book rather the last book, from the Heroes Of Olympus series. The blood of Olympus by Author  Rick Riordon. ISBN  978-0-141-33925-2 Publisher  Puffin Books

Seven half-bloods shall answer the call

To the storm or fire the world must fall

An oath to keep with a final breath

And foes bear arms to the Doors of Death

The earth goddess has been rising through the past four books, Her minions the giants, the monster, the dead and the cursed all out there. this is the final battle for demigods. The Greeks and Romans, the Hunters of Artemis and warriors of Amazon.

The series has slowly lost its focus with the mark of Athena. It appears as though the book starts abruptly without following the flow from the previous book. This becomes more important since the roman and Greek demigods go on a joint quest beginning with the Mark of Athena.

The prophecy talks of seven on the quest, looks like Rick Riordan got his math wrong and he has not accounted for Reyna and Nico who turn the quest to nine.

An Harpy who rattles the sibylline book, and has cyclop for a boyfriend.

The book lacks the pace of the earlier series. And ambles along. With Leo finally going to Calypso to fulfil his promise, while the remaining eight put the earth back to sleep.

Athena Parthenos  is supposed to heal the bridge between the Romans and Greeks, here we are introduced to Nike  the goddess of victory. She is in conflict with her Roman form Victoria. Then there is the Roman goddess Belladonna, of course she is also the goddess of strategy.

Rick  hints at Nicco’s sexuality very subtle with references to crushes on Percy and Jason yet partners him Reyna making her take a maternal stance. There is a vague reference to Reyna’s past that does sit well with the story line.

The book also has a short story attached, which is interesting where Mr.Riordon puts Sadie Kane the Magician from the house of life of Egypt long side with Anabeth Chase the Greek mythology. The story deals with the merging of the greek-roman and Egyptian mythologies during the reign of Ptolemy.  The staff of Serapis is definitely an interesting presentation of the transition in mythology.

To me the Blood of Olympus was kind of let me down. But the Staff Of Serapis made up for it.<iframe src


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