The Bluest Marble,– Th’ puir me.

The bluest Marble

Author Vipin Kumar

ISBN 978-93-83952-05-2


A book about Aditya Saxena, who attempts suicide, pretends amnesia to escape from his life. The story is render as a confessional to his current girlfriend.

According to the author, the protagonist is a poor misguided victim of an entire gamut. His parents don’t really tell him that they know he is not a very strong guy despite his academic grades, his girlfriend Pooja leaves for someone else, his room mates are oh! So self-centred. This poor victim has only a motorbike Betsy who is his soul mate.

A true to type, engineer, not from IIT, who has not done MBA drifts into finance, he is a genius but his brains are picked by boss who then fires him.

In the hospital he befriends a schizophrenic, and Uttam Kumar who like aditya sounds like he pretends to be delusional, then there is Jacky with some other imaginary psychological condition. Uttam Kumar helps Aditya to leave the asylum, move to Goa where Aditya finds, working with engines his true love, plays with a music band, and romances jenny

The book is supposed to be a confessional to Jenny before proposing.

some interesting inputs about the dealing challenged people, do we counsel them or the people around, that was interesting. the language is much better than the  Ravindra Singh’s.

Other than that a mundane book that could be the story of any kid today. A very insipid fare.

The book claims to be about lower middle life in Delhi, Dalal street, Corporate world, psychological problems, night life in Mumbai,  it- runs a check list of each of the topic, but the depth of it does not come through. Nor is the rendering convincing.

Ideal readers would early readers, who read under peer pressure and those who would potentially read Chetan Bhagat.

About the author Vipin Kumar debuts with this novel, claims to be a wall paper in real life, that is quite believable, claims to have gotten admitted to a hospital to recreate a “honest presentation” could be possible, the shrink must have treated his delusions at being O’Henry.

The Book is a complimentary copy sent for Reviewing by


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