A stranger arrives.

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A stranger arrives….

There is an opposite to déjà vu, they call it jamais vu. Its when you meet the same people or visit places again and again but each time is the fist everybody is always stranger. Nothing is ever familiar. That’s what happened when I came out anaesthesia, I was a stranger in a strange land, moving in and out of consciousness,

Lying on the hospital bed, i realized there something very comforting about strangers – it seemed like they would exist forever as the same unknowable mass. Neither would they know about us, nor would we know about them, nothing judgemental, no preconceived notions.  Something like a bus ride.

The journey begins when we board the bus.

We meet people along our way of which some are strangers, some friends and some strangers yet to be friends.

There  are stops at intervals and people board in.

At times some these people make their presence felt, leave an impact through their grace and beauty on us fellow passengers while on other occasions they remain indifferent. But then it is important  for some people to make an exit, to get down and walk the paths they were destined to because if people always made an entrance and never left either for the better or worse, then we would feel suffocated and confused like those people in the bus, the purpose of the journey would lose its essence and the journey altogether would neither be worthwhile nor smooth.

Just as I was busy musing about all these profound philosophy, the nurse came in with a stranger bundled in a old faded cotton wrap like it was made from his/her great-grandmother’s sari. A small coin sized blue charm on the wrist engraved on it was B12..  The Queen’s rival had arrived

As I set my eyes on the stranger my world changed, I didn’t even grudge sharing my husband with this stranger, for this stranger from that moment became the most important person in my life.

The stranger then, I did not know what her likes were, what her disliked were, when she slept and when she would  be awake and I was willing to go all out to learn all about her. The stranger who was me, yet different from me, I held the stranger in my arms and declared ,”My fair child I shall live for thee.”


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