An Asokan Quest.

the mahabharat secretThe Mahabharata Secret.

ISBN                      978-93-83202-31-7

Publishers           Om Books International.

The book   The Mahabharata secret is a fiction. Set in contemporary thriller format

Occult-lore talks of brethren of nine secret men created by the great Mauryan emperor Asoka. They were the keepers of the knowledge that could destroy mankind. The lore’s have it eminent scientists like Jagadishchandra Bose and Vikram Sarabhai were part of the nine. Reminds one of the

The story opens with a prologue in the Mauryan period the emperor and his lieutenant protect the dark secret of Mahabharata.

The story then moves to contemporary period, and the treasure hunt for the hidden begins with the death of Vikram Singh the last of the nine. The events of unrevealing this quest are spread over 12 days begins at a royal residence in Jaungarh if it is related to the junagarh was founded in by the Mauryans and is rich in Buddhist heritage artefacts.  A nuclear scientist is killed, his last message to his nephew, forces the nephew on a quest to discover the secret guarded by nine.

The story travels a geographic terrain from the Bamiyan Buddha’s to Barbar caves in Bihar. From 244 BC to current day in time. A conspiracy theory involves a Rajput king turned politician, Bheem Singh, an American Vice President, a European power gatherer, a Taliban scientist on one end and the Intelligence Bureau on the other, both nudging and manipulating the protagonist Vijay Singh, and his companions through the quest.

The quest in itself is like a very childish treasure hunt which most of us can see through. He presents potential suspects pretty well. The uses Mauryan history and archaeology extensively. Though I am skeptic  Mauryan edifice in Kharoshthi which is a later Magahi dialect unlike the Magahi used during the Mauryan times.

The occult lore has it that there is a mountain that bestows knowledge if one meditated on it, the author explains it by placing  subaltern library there.  The concept of sathya and Mithya from the Bhagawat Gita where there is illusion, and truth and most people who cannot see beyond the inscribed words stay ignorant of the knowledge that it imparts or even the information that the inscription hands.

Over all a fairly good book, not unputdownable yet fairly interesting. It would entice an inquisitive reader to set on a less traversed journey of Indian history and Indian sacred lore. Like priory Sion, and illuminati keepers of knowledge in other traditions. The forgotten trail of Asokan edicts are well mapped.

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10 thoughts on “An Asokan Quest.

  1. Hi Sharmila,
    It is a fantastic review. Just curious about one thing like always (After reading your review), the additional knowledge which you share comes from research. But, just wanted to know when do you research about it? While reading or after reading?
    And any particular websites to reach out to?

    1. some of the research is from something I have done before, like I said when it comes to theater I have to do a lot, then sometimes as I read if things are not clear then I go back to refer. At goa we have a wonderful library, I keep Wednesday after exclusively for research work. since the library closes at 7pm I go in at 4pm.

      1. Wow! You stay in Goa? That’s a wonderful place to be. I guess you can find some time from your busy schedule and to take me for a tour of Goa (places less known but amazing..Like we say “Hidden secrets” of Goa) and especially this piqued curiosity in me know 😛
        Even I am searching for a place like but its hard to find such places in IT field…

      2. Where do you live, look at the govt. run central library they are usually well stocked the one in Dharwad is to die for, when I was in SDME hospital working as a junior doctor I would spend my lunch hour there, and after clinic hours. The librarian was kind enough to lend me extra books for the weekend. At Manipal our library closes at 1 pm. 🙂 and my Dad was the library in-charge.

    1. Oh! but chennai is full for Higginbothms, and spencer’s book shop and library, which part of Chennai do you stay, at Adyar and Mylapore you have the book vendors coming home to deliver and share books. I think I have a blog about that too.

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