cops and fiancees.

Joy In The Morningg.jeeves 3

Author P.G.Wodehouse

Publisher: Arrow books.

ISBN: 978-0-09-951376-0

Stilton Cheesewright who sees Bertie as snake in the grass, his fiancée Florence Craye who happens to be Bertie’s ex- fiancée of a distant past. The boy scout Edwin whose deeds of kindness turn out as though acts of  malevolence Bertie is trapped with these inhabitants at Steeple Bumpleigh.

A man less stalwart than Bertie would probably give away. Bertie’s forebodings are justified. For in his effort to oil the wheels of commerce, promote true love and avoid consequences of vendetta Bertie becomes a prey to all and sundry.

Its only Jeeves who can rescue him.


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