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ImageThe Golden Gate

Author:Belinda Viegas

Publisher Goa 1556


The Golden Gate and other stories is a collection of three stories  where the author has used contemporary settings, to impart traditional values, The Golden Gate is a story of being kind and good. Follow Me a journey of life, where the child realizes that material comfort is not the only thing in life.  A Wondrous Carpet that came to life with each deed that brought Lydia joy because of her kindness.

The book is well written in simple language, and gives a lot of scope to read out to a younger child. Helping to create vivid pictures and imagination. I could see  a visual of a mother with her curled with her kids and reading to them.

What I liked best was the ideology is very subtly told. It fills in the void left by Chandamama.

I would definitely recommend it to mothers who read to their little kids. And early independent readers.

Maybe in the next print the publishers can consider making it totally graphic, I mean pictorial.

About the author: Belinda Viegas is a psychiatrist currently living and working in Goa. She is also the author of The Cry of the Kingfisher and Goa Maaza.

Thank You card from Belinda's readers.
Thank You card from Belinda’s readers.

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