The Rozabal line Kho-Kho

book review-rozabel lineBook review

The Rozabel Line,

Author Ashwin Sanghi(Shawn Higgins)

Publisher: westland co.

ISBN 978 -93-81636-82-5

Genre_ theological thriller.

A book that talks of the missing years of Christ. His supposed visit to India and Kashmir. The book leans strongly on Dan Brown’s Da Vinci code. It is written along the same lines, playing Kho-kho.

A beautiful assassin, Lashkar a Talashar the army of 13 round the world.  Executions resembling the death of Christ and his apostles,

A Hindu astrologer who predicting the potential end of the world. In Tibet a group of Buddhist monk in search of a reincarnation, they seem to be looking for the son of God. Strife-torn Kashmir, the tomb of Rozabal a riddle that parallels  the Rosaline line and grail trail. A riddle that begins in Jerusalem and is answered at Vaishno Devi.

Past life regression, secret societies etc.

We are in US, –Kho– off to Japan—kho –the Christian mythology – khothe pre church mythology—kho—Hinduism – kho – Buddhism – kho—Gnostic gospels – kho – priory the Sion – kho – Opus Dei – divine feminine – kho – kho—kho and game over.

There is no clear-cut protagonist. Except maybe the documents of the descendents of Christ, and the a document by a Portuguese inquisition chief to prove that Christ was not crucified by died peacefully at Kashmir.

If one was to believe Sanghi , then Kashmir is filled with expart Jews from the era of Christ. He works round the Christ-Krishna connection. He stretches St.Thomas and his work in Kerala. Suddenly he goes to northeast India.

Overall a good read as long as one is able to keep track of the skeletal story line.

About the author: this is Ashwin Sanghi’s debut novel after which he has written two more The chants of Chankya and the Krishna Key. An entrepreneur by profession Ashwin Sanghi ‘s hobby and passion is writing historical thrillers. Official website


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      1. LOL..Okay..accepted..lets not lend it..sharing is fun though…plz add me on goodreads if you are on that least the list of books can be shared if lending is not the order of the day 😛

      2. Mrigank, I had begun to believe that my books, walk, only to discover, that others books had taken shelter in my shelf, hence the oath be not a lender or a borrower 🙂 will add you goodreads.

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