DADly Desserts

Consequences book shelf

A novel by Nigel Fernandes

Publishers     Goa 1556

ISBN               978-93-80739-62

An interesting Whodunit by Nigel.

The tale of a vigilante, we are told of a group that is out to get unpunished drunken drivers of the Page 3 kind.  Sameer Khan a hybrid of the Khan clutter of Mumbai, filmdom is the poster boy.

Various characters traverse the plots like the Mysterious Mr.X. the ambitious media reporter Shereen Dutta, who sometimes spells her name as Shireen Dutta. A diligent cop, a concerned body-guard Rambo, his mentor Mr.Singh, The family bonding of the Khan’s is well presented, a gentle ribbing between the siblings, the quiet strength of the father. None of the characters hog too much of the limelight. Not even the Khan.

Nigel has interestingly used the standard procedure of media when an eyeball grabber occurs, a panel discussion. But he omitted the perineal Mahesh Bhatt who is the mouthpiece of cinema-scenario debates. The reference of Savitha Bhabhi, the most popular online Bhabhi. Very interesting.

The discussion of the subtle difference between section 306A and 306II the concept of DAD I did try googling StopDAD. But could not find it even on page 2’

A good read, but somewhere I felt, the experience was incomplete. Maybe I would have liked a bit more punch, a dash of spice.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR; Nigel is born and educated in Mumbai, Nigel Fernandes has been living in New Zealand for the last six years, An MBA from Auckland University of Technology he is a freelance marketing and media specialist. When he is not writing he promotes wind surfing.



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