ISBN 978-93-5029-340-9toke

Author:   Jugal Mody

Publishers a joint  venture of India Today, and Harper Collins Publishers India.

the book is about Lord Vishnu showing up one morning, when the protagonist ..Nikhil—also known as double battery is stoned. He asks him to rescue the world from being invaded by maggot zombies. On this hero’s journey( sorry Joseph Campbell must be turning in his grave.) he gets to romance his dream girl colleague and even kiss her! Then there are two side kicks, a mentor crow all who are stoned. Two Japanese girls who speak the Delhi, impression of Japanese accented English.

For the first time I actually was reluctant to pick a book after going through the first chapter.

initially it came across as a gay romance.  Of course the entire book I realize is documentation of images viewed in pot induced hallucinations.  Shiva and Vishnu make them selves visible only to people who are stoned. Methinks, our man Mody belongs to the Nagapanth of pot users.

If you survive till page 132 you get to figure out toke  is  connected to the weed/drug/pot or in generally getting stoned. At page 140 a romantic Garuda debuts, in page 160 if I am not mistaken the super villain of the book scott something or the other debut’s  the only interesting statement of the entire book emerges here.

Civilization is defined by its flaw.

Next there is a random, Tarzan, and a Maggot demon king making an entry. A pathetic attempt of pun with Hindu’s finding the cow holy because it is Bo Vine or Boys of Vishnu.

If I did follow the story right there was a computer game involved in all this. But chances are I am wrong.

The USP of the book, is it

  • Uses unnecessary foul language
  • Is written in a marijuana haze
  • It glorifies and justifies use of weeds/grass/pots/drugs.
  • Vindicates chetan Bhagat.

This of course is my take. There might be other fringe who would call this an intellectual extravagance.


Jugal Mody, handled media for Filmfare  and Tehlka, prior to which he worked in gaming. This is his debut novel.


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