A record of the nAstika attack on hi~NgulA

very interesting


Hindu historical tradition holds that bauddha-s of the sindhu had made common cause with the the Arab marUnmatta-s as they launched invasion after invasion into jambudvIpa. This is not entirely surprising given that the bauddha-s (at least the sthaviravAdin-s) from the sindhu (along with those of shrIlankA) had show a notable iconoclastic streak before they themselves fell prey to the buddha-busting beards. We have accounts that they burned vajrayANa tantra-s and demolished images of heruka-s such as hevajra at gaya. So it is hardly surprising that they made common cause with the marUnmatta-s blissfully unaware that the fate that they hoped for the Astika-s was to soon fall upon them, not just in the sindhu but throughout jaMbudvIpa. We also have some evidence for earlier iconoclastic activity on their part even though this is narrated in a perhaps anachronistic fashion in the bauddha chronicles such as the history of theā€¦

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