the concluding concoction

ImageThe oath of the vayuputras

Author Amish Tripathi.

Genre Fiction.

The last of the Shiva trilogy, the trilogy based on the story of Tripura dahana, the author has cleverly woven the romance of Shiva and sati, along with the finale of sati discarding her body.

The narration has used the standard shaivate characters like sati, Kali, Ganesha, Kartikeya, Nandi, and Veerabhadra. And the legend of Manasasarovar.

Somewhere not only the legends get distorted, but would miss most people who are unaware of minor details like the characters Taraksha-Kamalaksha –vidyunmali are the sons of the asura Tripura, conveniently Amish omits tripurasura though he has used the legend of the three flying towns.

One interesting adaptation is the rigvedic though where asura’s are not evil but different. The stories from the Zenda Avesta which gives a different perceptive of the Hindu mythology are well used.

A visual of the immolation of Sati, is very vivid and resembles the modern Sati scenario.

However the book looses credibility due to the ambitious mingling of facts he has assassin from Egypt on one end and the creation of Lama’s and Lhasa on the other. The tale of Brihaspati, and Tara the legend of Ganga, and creation of the locks of Shiva though the author has transplanted the event to Saraswati and Yamuna instead of the descending Ganga on the mountain terrain.

Over all a good read if you do not really know Hindu mythology or philosophy. The distortion and timelines otherwise are jarringly misplaced.

By the way Iranians are acknowledged as Yavana’s. so much so the screens used in Indian theatres are called as Yavanika.

About the author. Born in 1974 at Varanasi, the author is the alumnus of IIM Calcutta. An ex-banker is now a full time author, married to Priti Vyas the couple have a son Neel. Has penned the Shiva trilogy with begins with immortals of meluha, followed by the secret of the nagas to the oath of the vayuputras.



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