writing a detective novel

agatha christieThere is something about detective novels that catch our fancy.

The earliest known detective story is hamlet.

An ideal way to create a suspense to create a situation with multiple options.  Focusing on the action without lengthy explanations would be a good idea. The opening sentence should be in the middle of an activity.

We can scare someone only when we know what scares.

Ideal writing material would be what bothers us, or what influences us.

Starting through a misdeed carrying the protagonist through the hero’s cycle would be great. The body of the story would be the investigation proper. The solution with the explanation is a good conclusion.

characters would be the




Red herring – could be situational.

The real criminal


Stages of writing would start with the concept sometimes the concept stays for a year or two.  The word count would be 1000 words the issue is introduced and escalates.  Building up to 30,000 words. By this time the major characters are introduced, the second turn has flipped and the hero takes on rescuing the world. 45,000 word brings the major turn around in the hero’s life.60.000 words is the point of no return with 75,000 words we bring th conflict and resolution into the same cauldron. 90,000 words is the climax and resolution.

Check list

  • Entertainment
  • Craftsmanship
  • Esthetics
  • What was the point of the book?

Suggested software





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