Image When we were teenagers, it was a belief that fused words were childish, and something to do with early teens, like scrumptious, and brunch. Of late it seemed to be a trend.

Either we have forgotten the apt words, or we refuse to grown up, I don’t what. It is definitely not  creative.

The word Bromance! Seems to be a great one, these days, that talks of bonding between men and specifying that it is brotherly and not “sexual” how pathetic. I dread to think of the equivalent for women, sismance? or will we opt for wromance? Maybe there is something more apt.

pornThere is a new frenemy, a friend turned enemy? Or an enemy who pretends to be a friend I do not understand, I am reminded of fraenum’s and frenii!

Brinner when breakfast dishes are eaten for dinner.

Rachel Cohn in her book Dash and Lily’s book of Dares uses frequaintance somewhere between a friend and acquaintance?

This was the latest one that I came across!!

Branjalina, saifeena the names coined by the press.

The dictionary however accepts new words created in colloquial  and conversational language. The criteria however is something I do not know.

For example Locovoria, has emerged as a word from eating locally grown food.



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