A Bland Buffet.

Mafia queens of Mumbai.Image

S.Hussain Zaidi with Jane Borges.

Publisher Tranquebar Press

ISBN 978-93-80283-77-7

For most of us, crime is more interesting than spiritual reading.

The book is about ordinary women, and their conversion to extra-ordinary power figures in an environment that most of refuse to even acknowledge exists.

From the Doyen of Dongri to Jenabai Daaruwali, to Tarrannum Khan the dancer at the Deepa Bar who minted money on cricket the books, takes us through the lives of these women, presenting their debut into the crime-world, to their rise. Gangubai of Kamathipura, The avenging angel Sapna Didi, Simpering  gangster’s moll Monica Bedi, all present their defence. Without an attorney.

Despite the documentary like treatment the life of these women are very engrossing from a voyeuristic view.



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