Letter to

ImageDear reader

Groucho Marx says “ he finds television very education. Everytime somebody turns on the set he goes into the other room and reads a book.”   Somewhere I thought the blogs have become personal letters, where we share, grow and become part of a community where appearances don’t matter.

Lord Byron claimed that Letterwriting was the only device for combining solitude with good company, of course he has not lived in the Blogsphere. Strat here for example is a valuable friend someone I want to share my thoughts whose world I voyeur into , yet we never met.  Liz Carpenter can bemoan that we lost a lot when we stopped writing, but for me the blogsphere is phoenix, just as I reread a friends blog like I read a letter hope you deal with my blogs in the same way.

William Nicholson states we read to know that we are not alone, I write hoping to establish I am not alone. Somewhere I hope I can leave you with some experience,a little exhaustion and allow you to enter and live different lives.

I hope you take Gustave Flaubert’s advice seriously, and do not read as children do, to amuse yourself,or like the ambitious for the purpose of instruction, but read in order to live.

As to why do I write or blog?1.2 because there is no greater agony than a story untold inside you, what happens to that story is beautifully brought out by Nagamandala a play written my Girish Karnad. Mary Angelou had something to say about it too. I can start out to tell you, instruct or share with you, but I land up writing the blog that wants to be written.

Sometimes I wonder if I write  to taste life twice once during the moment it and a second time in retrospect. If you ever wonder where I get the ideas to write from, well everything in life is writable, as long as you have the guts to do it,and the imagination to improvise . my worse enemy is self-doubt.

I wish I could say I write to move mountains and influence readers, inspire leaders satisfy my auditor but the bottom line is I write to me more myself.

Please forgive my paradoxes as I reflect, and whatever the world and his wife may say I prefer being a person of paradox than a person with prejudice..

with love


  1. Perils of the pen http://rivr.sulekha.com/perils-of-the-pen_393267_blog

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