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Christine Rose

The term “self-publishing” is quite fuzzy. The boundaries of this choice bleed into both Independent Publishers on one end and Vanity Publishing on the other, thus the quotation marks. For the purposes of my forthcoming book, I’m defining “self-publishing” as a writer who publishes their own book through a publishing company they own, not a Vanity Press. If you’re paying a service like iUniverse, LuLu, or CreateSpace, you are using a Vanity Press, and they will be covered in the next section. Basically, if the logo on the spine is your company, you are a “Self-Publisher.”

Unfortunately for those authors who produce quality work, self-publishing carries a nasty stigma. Many readers, upon hearing the words “self-published,” conjure up images of badly Photoshopped covers, poor layout, and shoddy writing. And for good reason. This describes many, many (really, far too many) self-published books. In fact, I’ve seen atrocious book covers from…

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