Gedon Gewrite Libban

Before they read words, children are reading pictures.”

― David Wiesner, David Wisner

What book, fiction or nonfiction, would I love to see illustrated?

Simple answer ALL.

An illustration is a rendition, (that could be presented as a drawing painting, photograph) That is created to dictate sensual information, maybe a story poem or a newspaper article.

Illustrated fiction, takes the reader into the world of the character virtually, the storyteller, the story and the listener all become part of each other. On the other hand, it robs the reader off creating his own pictures. But every story gets translated to a visual before we really internalize the story.

Illustrated non-fiction makes learning easy. I would have been foxed but for illustrated anatomy and physiology text.

As Marilyn Vos savant puts it,be able to draw an illustration as least well enough to get your point across to another person.

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