Taj triology

To read is to fly, it is to soar to apoint which gives a wide terrain of hsitory, human variety, ideas, shared experiences and fruits of many inquiries.

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Reading a book is like rewriting it for my self. I can bring to a novel anything, all my experiences, of the world, I read the history on my terms. very much like the experience of Angela Carter.

what would I like to read next. I have books on my shelf, self help, philosophy but what I really want to read is the book called the SHADOW PRINCESS by Indu Sunderesan.

The book is part of the Taj triology that begins with the book THE TWENTIETH WIFE, which is the story of the life of Mehrunnissa who grew to become the legendary Noorjahan, the second book is the tranformation and impact of Mehrunnissa who became Noorjahan. The third book, is that of her grand daughter Jahanara, the daughter of her niece Mumtaz and son, Khurram. Jahanarra who took care of her father, the empire, waring brothers and sister Roshanara. The book deals with courtroom of the Mughal empire the onus the princess took on, her love Naqbat Khan and their inability to marry. The book does sound very interesting.

Like Andre Gide says –"to read a writer is not merely to get an idea of what he says, but to go off with him and travel in his company" so far my experience has been that Indu is good travel companion.

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