Deaths door openned.

The Son of Neptune (Heroes of Olympus, #2)The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan
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The Land beyond the Gods.
The Son of Neptune ~Rick Riordan.
Publishers Puffin.
In this series Rick Riordan has opted for a third person narrative.
Monsters are rising in land beyond the powers of Gods.
Rick Riordan’s Hero’s are the demigods of the Roman camp. Open your mythology dictionary it is a must.
Percy the son of Poseidon or Neptune as the Romans know him. Hazel the daughter of Pluto. And Frank Zhiang of Greek and Roman heritage with a bit of Chinese flavour to add the zing are the heroes of the quest.
The myth of Phineas and Harpies are retold.
If the legend of the one shoe Jason was used in the lost hero, the legend of Hera/Juno being carried over the Tiber is used here.
The dainty, teenage Hunters of the camp-half blood find competition in the Amazons of the Roman mythology. They live, love and fight passionately
Libri Sibylline is the guide for the quest.
The Lars, the Argonauts, Terminus the Roman god of boundaries, Li-Jien the settlement of Roman soldiers in China giving rise to red-haired Chinese, Sun Tzu’s art of war archived by the Hun dynasty all appear to make the book an interesting read.
The greatest teaser is the prophecy
Wisdom’s daughter walks alone
The mark of Athena burns through Rome
Heralds the next prophecy the sneak peek into the next book the Mark of Athena, where all roads lead to Rome.

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