World of words

The journey’s and experiences of two poet laureate’s like Nawab sahib and Gulzar sahib at the Literatti was really interesting.
The need to communicate has been the second most important requirement of man, that after the first food. Shelter and love come later.
This lead to the tradition of oral narration, recording the ancient wisdom, history as oral traditions. (Amish tripati please note, reading a book while travelling would be a later occurrence.) even our plays and our movies are continuation of the same traditions.
As long as a language is living, that it is spoken it re-invents itself to communicate the present very effectively. This mutation is essentially because language is the reflection of life and lifestyle of people who keep it alive.
There was a time when language lived in the by lanes to script, and lipi too. In fact a language like Konkani lived in three lipi’s that is devanagri, Kannada and roman.
Slowly the circle is getting complete, the writing language is debilitating. We are moving more into oral and visual traditions.
Language is getting mutilated and many times grammar is massacred particularly in languages like Urdu and Sanskrit.
There was a definite shift in paradigm to accept this mutilation, and massacre as the need of the language to accommodate the contemporary environment.


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