Dharmasala Diaries

Dharmasala Diaries
Author: Swati Chopra
Publisher: The Penguin Group
ISBN: 978-0-141310-306-6
Genre: spiritual Journey.
The book Dharmasala Diaries penned in an autobiographical travelogue style,maps the journey of the writer from along three axis, the physical journey from Delhi to Dharmashala. The mental journey of accepting the reality, along with idealism, and the spiritual journey of perceiving beyond the visible reality. Seemingly mundane discoveries but they reveal a profound understanding of everyday spirituality. The recognition of divine in mundane.

The book is a convenient handbook as a travel guide for beginners at Dharmashala.
The geographic and cultural diversities have been well captured. Along with the practical hurdles faced by the Tibetan and Himachali communities.
Though Ms.Chopra Buddha is considered as the 9th incarnation of Vishnu and not the 10th.
The book journals the authors quest and journey to her discoveries of interweaving of Indian and Tibetan cultures, Buddhism and Hinduism and even raises a few questions like whenceforth?For those who have begun to get restless and begin to see sign posts of personal journey, this book is excellent beginners guide.


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