kids book rack

Books by Enid Blyton ruled our childhood; with what Katy did series Heidi or Little women series
While Enid Blyton glossed over the school values and growing up with sports and adventures. Self discovery it was kind of sexless. Make up was not acceptable, being Lady like was not shall we say cool?
The little woman series or the Katy did series were also about growing up, but in an American environment, the limitations of a lower middle class family, working to achieve ones ambition, and contributing to the family were all there.
When I looked at what my eight year old niece reads, it’s about makeup, dating, partying being cheer leaders I realize that the generations have change so have the people who create the value of the generation.
Children are no more left to agonized over a hockey match, they agonizing about fitting into peers, about having boyfriends and using lipsticks at the age of 12!


One thought on “kids book rack

  1. Totally agree with you! I would also devour the Famous Five series, the Five Findouters, and various other stories about children as detectives 🙂

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