Phatic communication

Language is fascinating. So many things taken for granted and so many technical terminologies which are awe inspiring to a science student.
As a science student language was used to communicate an idea or information and it involved an addressee, an addressed and some content. One day for want of better things to do I realized that each communication had a different focus. I also learnt from a language student that they had definite terminology!
The focus of any communication could be referral, emotive, conative, phatic, metalingual or poetic.
It was phobic that caught my attention as it is one of the oft used and least respected.
Phatic is defined in the dictionary as an adjective used to create an atmosphere of shared feeling, goodwill, or sociability rather than share information.
It’s wonderful in its versatility. It can establish, prolong or discontinue communication.
“Good morning” a phatic term used irrespective of its meteorological reality. Opens conversation.
Well I never” “you don’t say” are more emphatic in exhibiting surprise than a lengthy sentence would.
“Take care” the polite Phatic communication, expresses concern yet terminates conversation.
So think about it
Take care.


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