for you my friend

The Goa Book club is shall I say a congregation of book-bhakta’s. I enjoy the interaction there.

This one time there was a write up from one author it who mentioned that a Hindu colleague of his behaved more Christian than the Christian one. Now the name sounded so unfamiliar and the statement was beyond my comprehension.

Promptly I demanded what he meant by it. J there was an explanation from Mr.Jernimo Pinto,  the individual is definitely a gentleman and explained to me without being condescending. Moreover he signed off Jerry Pinto now I had a face to the name and face that I found friendly during the literary meet. His answer satisfied my curiosity in terms of behaviour pattern

But what really made me sit up was his observation.  Without his permission I am quoting this because I think we need to take a good look at ourselves.

Dear All,
Just weighing in.
When Scholberg says that the Hindu behaved more Christian than the Christian, it is possible he meant she was more respectful when dealing with the gods of another. This is how most Indians are. I know I am more likely to be silent in a temple than the Hindu friends who have taken me there. I also know that a Hindu at church is much quieter than his Christian brothers who answer their cellphones or read their messages in the middle of the service.

And my sister and I are reading the Bible, two chapters every day. I have read the Mahabharata (in Kamala Subramaniam’s translation), the Ramayana (in C Rajagopalachari’s) and the principal Upanishads (although no one is quite sure how many they are and there are variant figures given by different authorities.) I had learnt Urdu to read the Koran and now have been told I must learn Arabic. But I have a translation that I have read. Is there some reason for asking?

What makes us so?

Is it our cultural training of you before me?

 Is it a sub-clinical lack of self-worth or do we take ourselves and our immediate circle of people for granted? Somewhere do we lack the innate faith in our prayer houses and only put up a façade for someone else.

Well many a time as a hindu I find what the Vedas extol and what the clergy say are different, is it that lacunae that makes me behave so. In that case do I have any business at a prayer house.

Well I guess these contemplations are numerous but thanks Jerry for sharing the observation.

Doosron ki jai ke pehle kudd ko jai karo.


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