Daffy duck

1937 April 16th daffy duck made his debut on the world comic scene.
This character from loony tunes is the frenemy of Bugs Bunny.
Ranging from a greedy guy to vigilant lunatic. An exaggerated mandible gave him a hint of lisp.
1941-45 saw Daffy Duck as Draftee Duck attacking the Nazi’s to the extent of banging Hitler’s head.
1951-64 Daffy was paired with Porky the period was the golden period Daffy and Porky.
1965-68 he became an inconsistent friend to speedy Gonzalves .


4 thoughts on “Daffy duck

  1. Joe Besser has a Daffy connection. Joe Besser’s caricature appears in Hollywood Daffy (with Daffy Duck) while the real Joe Besser appears in Flying Saucer Daffy (without Daffy Duck). While Daffy Duck kisses the star, the real Joe Besser kisses the woman! Hard to believe it!

  2. Daffy Duck is in a way, like Antonio Villas Boas. While Daffy Duck kisses the star while the others stars vanish, Antonio Villas Boas had romantic relationships with a female alien and the female alien vanishes without a trace. Villas Boas would have said in Portuguese, “Sufferin Succotash! She’s beautiful!”

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