A spoke in the wheel

Author: Amita Kanekar
Publisher HarperCollins India.
ISBN 81-7223-574-7
Genre Historic Novel.
Amita Kanekar a teacher of archaeological history and comparative mythology narrates a tale of the Buddha. Like the traditional Indian storytelling, it is metatheaterical in character where the story of the Buddha is revealed through the story of his biographer to be Upali. Upali is a Monk of the turbulent post Kalinga Maurya Empire he envisions the degeneration of the Aryravarta during the period of Gautama Siddhartha who came to be known as the Gautama Buddha or the Shakyamuni.
My own experience was that there seems a vague parallel between the current social health and the periods of the Shakyamuni and Asoka Maurya which could explain the revival of Buddhism. This of course is a very personal observation.
A very interesting read though the pace might have been a little more upbeat if the period of Upali and Asoka Maurya was in active tense.
Looking forward to Kanekar’s next novel.

a spoke in the wheel

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