Charles dickens

Oliver asks for more”
“Barkis is willing”
Uriah Heep and scrooge have become personification of hypocrisy and miserliness their creator Charles Dickens celebrates his birthday today.
Charles dickens writing attacked the social issues of a rapidly industrialized Britain. He wrote for True Sun (1830-32), Mirror of Parliament (1832-34), and the Morning Chronicle (1834-36). Dickens gained soon the reputation as “the fastest and most accurate man in the Gallery”, and he could celebrate his prosperity with “a new hat and a very handsome blue cloak with velvet facings,” as one of his friends described his somewhat dandyish outlook. In the 1830s Dickens contributed to Monthly Magazine and The Evening Chronicle and edited Bentley’s Miscellany. This stint nurtured in him a fondness for journalism and a suspicious attitude towards law.
Dickens was extremely methodical in his daily routine though not so in personal life, married to Catherine the general impression is that he was in love with her younger sister Mary who was the inspiration for Dora Copperfield, when Mary died it was Catherine’s another sister Georgiana who was Dickens’s love and inspiration in 1850 he met actress Ellen Ternan with whom he had a long term relation.
I shall not list his books or go into the academic dissection of them. But classic literature readers do ask for more.


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