venita ceolho

venita coelho
photo by Triveni Koushik

Dec.12-13-14 2010-12-23

Saw a different Goa altogether.

It was the festival of bookies J nay! If you are thinking of betting and gambling think again. I am talking of a Book Fair.

The international centre of goa put up a book fair with authors most of them who work from goa, to publishers.

The last day of the session was an interaction between Saeed Mirza and Venita Ceolho particularly interesting.  After the sessions were the informal conversations with the Gods of the literati.  A small conversation with her was so reassuring like normal earthlings she was juggling three careers and a dream. Writing columns, writing scripts and managing a home and a kid. Welcome Ms.Ceolho to the world of the majority. J  we are indeed a fraternity of body busies if we weren’t we would not be curious if we were not curious we would not learn and unless we learnt we don’t create. QED as my maths teacher said.

Most women seem to find their own equations, Venita talked about the mother mode from the moment her daughter woke till she went to bed. Then the writer took on, power naps are distant illusions now afternoon siesta has become sacred. But again as Venita mentioned, somewhere along the line the lack of rush, harsh sounds, and inner peace writing becomes a joy.

  • Dungeon Tales
  • Soap writing and surviving television in India
  • The washer of the Dead are some books

Are some of Venita’s books. Looking forward to more from her.

 venita ceolho


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